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We stock hundreds of quality fabrics and accessories for blinds and curtains, in a huge range of styles, colours and patterns, so you’re pretty much guaranteed to find just what you’re looking for.


When Quality, Reliability And Service Are The Key Factors

In deciding on a provider of your window coverings and window treatments we would like to think our name Gardis is in the forefront of your mind. For 45 years Gardis has been known as the people that do blinds, but we offer so much more than this.


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“Life Altering Experience”

Working with Paula was one of the most life altering experiences I’ve ever had. I never knew organizing and understanding the psychological and emotional benefits of it would be so transformational. We purged a lot of items we didn’t need from our home, and our lives felt lighter and simpler to live. I absolutely recommend Joyful Home by Paula! In fact, I have told many friends about my great experience.

Camille Araujo

“A True Priceless Gift”

It was so easy and wonderful to work with Paula. She really helps you while teaching you in a beautiful way where you never feel overwhelmed. After the process you feel such peace and joy of the order and it is so easy to find things therefore you use your stuff more frequently and prevent over buying. Working with Joyful Home by Paula is a true priceless gift, is worth the time and cost because of the order and peace of mind it brings to your life.

Maria Burrell

“I feel light, organized, and happy”

Organizing my closets and office with Joyful Home was extraordinary. Paula took the time to explain the process every step of the way. I felt so happy and proud after we finished.  Now when I walk into my closet or work in my office, I feel light, organized, and happy. Thank you for making my home a happier place than already was.I used to think I was organized, but this is another level. Please give yourself the chance to try it.

Monica Watson


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The Best Blinds And Window Awnings

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